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Our living organoid biobank includes more than 20 organoid models, representing a variety of organs and disease types. Customer selected models from our biobank can be enrolled in Clinical Trials in a Dish (CTiD), our translational platform for preclinical
drug testing and clinical patient stratification, which allows them to obtain in vitro response data to inform patient stratification in preclinical studies. Clinical Trials in a Dish (CTiD) can also be used in co-clinical applications where patient-derived Organoids function as a predictive diagnostic tool to identify the best therapeutic strategy for each patient.

Our protocols have been developed, optimized, and standardized for a range of organs and disease types to allow the development of living biobanks of patient-derived organoids that are stable in long-term culture, can be expanded and cryopreserved for multiple applications.

  • In vitro disease modelling

  • Drug discovery and development

  • Clinical Trials in a Dish (CTiD)

  • Companion diagnostics

  • Safety and toxicity

  • Personalized medicine